About Us


Legal status

The Croatian Center for Applied Social Reserach (CCASR) is a non-governmental and non-profit association/institution registered as legal entity at the City Office for General Administration in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia (KLASA: UP/I-230-02/2015-01/187; URBROJ: 251-07-11-15-2; May 22, 2015).

The Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, has issued a certificate of the Personal identification number (OIB: 70426174587).

The Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics has issued a certificate of CCASR’s registration number (MB: 04399633).
The Croatian Postal Bank (HPB) has opened the Transaction Account with the number: IBAN: HR81 2390 0011 1009 1523 9; SWIFT CODE: HPBZHR2X.

CCASR’s Mission Statement

The Croatian Center for Applied Social Research applies innovative theoretical models, concepts and methods in social sciences to advance interdisciplinary public policy research on strategic, cultural and national well-being issues. All research projects and conferences carried out and held within CCASR aim to inhance our understanding of sociodemographics, attitudes, values, opinions, personality traits, and patterns of social and political behavior within different social groups in order to develop practical solutions to real-world social, political, and interethnic problems in Croatian society.