The activities of CCASR

  • Organizing seminars, courses, scientific conferences, round tables and public lectures connected with various fields of social sciences and strategic studies.
  • Bringing together academic staff from the fields of sociology, political science, psychology, and security studies for knowledge exchange and sharing experiences.
  • Proposing models for preventing and resolving domestic and foreign conflicts.
  • Conducting research in the fields of sociology, political science, psychology, economics, and demography in order to better understand security challenges, create various public policies, and explore the quality of life.
  • Investigating the prevalence of psychological and psychiatric disorders within the general and specific populations, and studying various aspects of deviant behaviors.
  • Developing methodology and concepts that will enhance knowledge concerning the security threats Croatia is facing or might face in the future (within internal, regional or global processes).
  • Applying new approaches to strategic studies on the basis of theoretical models and empirical evidence.
  • Publishing research reports and other publications within the scope of CCSAR.
  • Strengthening cooperation with similar research centers and institutes, and with university departments in the field of social sciences in Croatia and abroad.